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6 new and opening Atlanta restaurants we’re most excited about

Out of many, many choices, we narrow down the best bars and restaurants to try

Atlanta natives (or longtime residents; I’ll claim y’all) know that autumn in the city is a frenzied time of events, festivals and new places to try. In my few years back in ATL since graduating, I’ve noticed October brings out the fiend in people. The cocktail fiends. The brunch fiends. Fiends searching for the best meal deals possible ITP. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options in Atlanta. 

Among the many restaurant openings, we’ve picked some standout options that will allow you to make the most out of the hottest culinary season of the year. See what we love about these picks, and make sure to plan a visit while there are still tables to be found.

Marcus Bar & Grille: The recently opened favorite offers new additions worth coming back for.

Opened March 2023

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has blessed our TV screens for years on Food Network’s Chopped, but diners now get to experience the magic in person at the James Beard Award Winner’s O4W restaurant Marcus Bar & Grille. After its opening in March, diners fell in love with the retro-joint’s classic soul and comfort food, featuring the perfect mix of surf-and-turf fare. As someone constantly on the hunt for a satisfying burger in the city under $20, their B&G burger featuring double-stacked patties, Swiss cheese and onion strings intrigues me and sits at an attractive $17.

What’s to love: The spot features an out-of-this-world happy hour menu featuring $6 craft beer, $7 house wine pours and $8 house cocktails. Additionally, you can now reserve a spot for their brunch service, where you can enjoy classics like chicken and waffles, indulgent French toast and hearty brisket hash. If you come on Sunday, plan to make a day out of it. At “Sunday Supper & Spins,” you can enjoy a family-style meal with music from one of Atlanta’s popular DJs. 

Breaker Breaker: A seafood joint with a beach-inspired atmosphere that feels like taking a vacay.

Opened in August 2023

BeltLine fanatics, now’s your turn. Sitting right on the BeltLine off Wylie Street you’ll find seafood joint Breaker Breaker. The highly Instagram-able restaurant is the latest creation from the consistently delicious minds of Grindhouse Killer Burgers’s Alex Brounstein and Johnny Farrow. 

The menu includes seafood classics with a twist, whether it’s poutine with crab and Cajun gravy or vegan calamari made with hearts of palm and enoki mushrooms. They’re taking care of Atlanta’s herbivores with inclusions like the mushroom chopped cheese sandwich, or the mouthwatering cabbage and crispy rice salad, served with carrot, avocado, orange, mint, cilantro, basil, toasted pumpkin seeds and house vinaigrette. 

What’s to love: Beyond the tasty menu options, this Florida-panhandle-inspired joint will make you feel like you’ve just come from a day at the beach. Within its massive 9,000 square foot facility, you can enjoy an indoor-outdoor bar, a huge patio and plenty of parking, so that families, friends and surfers-at-heart will find their place at Breaker Breaker. 

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Omakase by Yun: Unsurpassed craftsmanship with quality-sourced ingredients.

Opened in September 2023

Chef Jonathan Yun brings an impressive pedigree to his new omakase, with years of training in Japan and New York City. Chef Yun trained under Daisuke Nakazawa, whose eponymous restaurant Sushi Nakazawa in New York City earned a Michelin star with help from Yun himself, according to the Omakase by Yun website. After returning home to his hometown of Atlanta, Yun’s pop-up Chiori gained a devoted following.

The new 18-course omakase experience begins at $185, an excellent deal for a memorable experience provided by a master chef. You can choose to pair with sake and wine for an additional fee, with the menu offering an impressive list of choices in both categories. 

What’s to love: Yun’s devotion to quality shows in his carefully selected ingredients. In fact, diners will be able to see where the fish is sourced. Though the majority of the offerings will be imported from Japan, dishes will arrive from Mexico, Canada and Alaska. With such a thoughtfully considered selection applied to classic training and modern touches, the variables add up to an exciting debut.

Lazy Betty: New location brings a la carte bar offerings and accessible ambience.

Opening Fall 2023

Atlanta’s bougiest foodies are absolutely familiar with Lazy Betty, the tasting menu eatery from owners and chefs Ron Hsu and Aaron Phillips. The current menu at their Candler Park spot includes either four or seven courses starting at $110. 

Though the food is phenomenal, a tasting menu is an event — both in terms of time and expense. Considering my favorite meal in Atlanta is the $10 chicken lunch plate at local family chain Mediterranean Grille (not newly opened by any means, but I had to shout them out), my heart and stomach instantly filled with excitement when I read about Hsu and Phillips moving to an expanded Lazy Betty location in Midtown this fall.

What’s to love: In addition to a main dining room, large patio and extended bar with cocktails, mocktails, beer and an extensive wine list, diners will be thrilled with a new addition: An a la carte bar menu. Now, you can create your own tasting menu and sample some of the restaurant’s new offerings at your own pace. All of that, plus a phenomenal patio view — what’s not to love?

YEPPA & Co.: One location to love with another to look forward to.

Buckhead location open now; Junction Krog District location opening in 2024

Buckhead Village Italian spot YEPPA & Co. comes from co-owners Pietro Gianni and Stephen Peterson, the duo behind beloved ATL eateries Forza Storico, Storico Fresco Ristorante, and Storico Vino. These guys have quite the resume, and Yeppa’s menu only ups their culinary expertise. 

Stand-out dishes include the prosciutto crudo pizza focaccia and roman veal bombs, an ambitious dish featuring prosciutto rolled breadcrumb-crusted veal with mozzarella, parmigiano and a sage lemon butter white wine sauce. The upscale bar offers a selection of Italian beers, specialty cocktails (yes, they use real espresso in their espresso martini), and a variety of wines available by the glass or bottle, courtesy of beverage director Jose Pereiro. 

What’s to love: Though the Buckhead location has already become a popular spot to hit, keep your eyes open for the newest location in the Junction Krog District, coming Spring 2024. It will feature a spacious outdoor dining area so that you can see the action of the high-energy crowds walking nearby. 

So, fellow fiends, now’s your time to explore these excellent additions. Grab a friend, dog or even a book and take yourself out for a much-deserved drink or dinner this fall. 

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Various Gifts Wrapped with Ribbon.

Where locals shop in Atlanta for distinct, quality gifts

Your complete guide to holiday shopping in Atlanta.

Everyone loves a gift that feels personal — but finding one is another matter altogether. Now is the best time to start thinking about all the people on your holiday list, and Atlanta offers plenty of year-round shopping destinations to get you started. Check out some of our favorite local places to peruse so you can give the best of the city and avoid last-minute panic shopping.   

Jewelry and accessories

Located inside Ponce City Market, The Village Retail boasts a large collection of Black-owned products, including beloved and emerging Atlanta brands. Shop men’s and women’s fashions with stylish offerings from head-to-toe, from handmade wooden watches to handbags to bucket hats and more. Visit the Edgewood Retail District for another one-stop shop, the beehive, home to a wide variety of products from local designers and artists, who offer new products consistently. 

If you’re more into baubles, check out Fossil & Hide, which features bold, distinct pieces that the shop describes as “wearable art.” Independent design shop Young Blood offers a curated selection of on-trend jewelry alongside chic accessories that will collect compliments with every wear. 


You don’t have to break the bank to find distinctive clothing for every personality and interest. Atlanta’s secondhand shopping is unparalleled, especially in Little 5 Points. Check out Little 5 Points Vintage and Drugstore Atlanta, where you can find vintage shirts, sports memorabilia, pre-loved workwear, coffee table books and impressive posters for one-of-a-kind decorating. Woman-owned Catalogue features affordable hand-picked vintage women’s clothing and trendy pieces for fashionistas who appreciate a throwback garment with a modern edge.

If you’ve got time to peruse a larger selection, attend the Atlanta Streetwear Market in the Atlanta Expo Center on Nov. 19, where you’ll find dozens of booths featuring Atlanta designers and streetwear tastemakers. 

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ATL Experiences

Sometimes, the best gift is making a memory. Fortunately, Atlanta is full of dynamic attractions that you can visit time and time again. For visitors, friends with kids or newbies to the city, we suggest CityPass, which packages must-see attractions in Atlanta including The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta, and options like The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the College Football Hall of Fame

You can also gift access to the city’s most popular cultural institutions. Purchase a one-year membership to The Atlanta Botanical Garden, which includes access to colorful seasonal exhibitions and special events, or purchase a pass to of Atlanta’s many arts venues, like the Fox Theatre

Music and Art 

The vinyl craze continues, and picking the perfect record for a loved one is a timeless gift that holds special value. JB’s Record Lounge in the West End offers new releases in addition to hard-to-find gems that are categorized by genre. You can also find numerous stores with niche offerings in Little 5 Points. Try Wax‘n’Facts, known for its reasonably priced vinyls, cassettes and CDs, Moods Music, which specializes in atmospheric “acid, Afro-Cuban, jazzy, house, rare grooves” vinyls or classic Criminal Records, which features comic books and music magazines in addition to new and used music.

For art lovers, look no further than the ABV Agency + Gallery, which offers an online gift shop where you’ll find artwork from over 500 creatives. The affordable prints are limited in quantity and often sell out quickly, so order early. (And often.) Homegrown Decatur features prints and wall art from artists hailing from the Southeast, but you’ll also find locally made gifts if you can’t find your perfect print. 


The Green Flamingo, located in Virginia Highlands is a plant shop and apothecary stocked full of candles, body oils and perfumes, made from natural botanicals. They also have workshops, where you can make your own terrariums for a fun, experiential gift.  

If you know someone who needs dedicated pampering, opt for a spa gift card for extra relaxation. Specializing in “farm-to-your-skin” treatments using high-quality, organic ingredients, iwi fresh offers massages and facials using specially made products, and sells a line to pick up for home. Or try Natural Body Spa & Shop, which has gained a devoted following over its 30+ years in business, making “best of” lists for decades. 


Why gift a bottle of wine, when you can give an experience? Pick up tickets to Atlanta’s City Winery intimate musical performances or purchase a monthly subscription that ships award-winning wines right to your door.

Visit the mixed-use destination Lee + White in the West End where you’ll find restaurants, retailers and numerous breweries. Pick up a hand-selected combination of beers from Hops City, gift a case of brews from Best End Brewery, enjoy to-go beer and merch at Wild Heaven Beer, or visit the ever-growing list of brewers in person to find your favorite. If beer isn’t your thing, find an aged bottle of craft whiskey from the ASW Distillery

If you’re still not sure where to start for holiday shopping, head out and explore the city. You won’t have to go far to find something unique that your loved ones won’t find elsewhere. 

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A person removing a plug from a wall outlet

4 simple ways to see noticeable savings on your electric bill

Make some changes and see the difference this winter.

Experts predict that this winter will be a tough one. Thanks to El Niño, a climate pattern associated with warmer waters, California and southern parts of the U.S. may experience colder, wetter winters. Severe weather can lead to higher electric bills, but there are solid methods to soften the blow. Read on for easy ways to see demonstrable savings on your next bill.   

Beware of “vampire electricity”

Electronics can still draw power, even when they are idle or turned off. By unplugging common appliances and household items, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that families can save hundreds of dollars per year. After use or when you go to sleep at night, check to make sure these items aren’t costing you money. 

When possible, consider unplugging the following items:

  • Hair dryer or curling iron
  • Coffee maker, air fryer, microwave oven or microwave 
  • Television or media player
  • Computer or laptop
  • Phone, tablet and other chargers
  • Modem 
  • Washer/dryer

Avoid using major appliances during “peak times”

Some may not know that energy can cost more during certain hours. “Peak hours” are when there is a high demand for energy, which makes energy more expensive per kWh used. Though peak times vary by region and by season, in general you can find some patterns:

  • During the summer, mid-afternoon hours are considered peak hours for energy usage.
  • During the winter, early-to-mid mornings and evenings are typically the most expensive. 
  • Typically, weekends are considered “off-peak” hours for most or all of the day.

If possible, avoid using major appliances like washers and dryers and dishwashers during these times.

Use your lights responsibly

Lighting accounts for about 15% of the average electric bill. If you are not in your home or not in certain rooms, make sure to turn off the lights, including overhead lighting and lamps. When possible, install LED lights, which can lead to hundreds of savings for a household, according to the Department of Energy. Fortunately, many apartment communities include LED lighting to help residents save some dollars, but if they haven’t installed these energy-savers yet, you can request them. 

Watch for areas where energy escapes

Depending on the age and condition of your home or property, there are likely areas with air leaks. For instance, gaps under your doors can allow cold and hot weather inside, making it more difficult to keep your home at a moderate temperature. A door snake — or even a rolled-up beach towel — can help conditioned air stay where it belongs: inside your home. Windows are another place where energy escapes, losses which can account for 25-30% of your overall electric bill. If you don’t have energy efficient windows, you can still purchase thick, insulating curtains and, in severe cold, you can double up with blankets from around the house for further protection from the elements. 

As energy prices remain consistently high for most consumers across the U.S., these small habit changes can translate to earnings that add up over time.

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