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This publication is dedicated to helping Localites thrive in the everyday, inspired by the mission of our founding sponsor, Cortland. Our stories are written by local experts and insiders, appearing online and in your inbox. We are one of a handful of local publications with complete editorial overviews provided by people who have roots — and stakes — in the communities we love. We cover a wide range of topics and geographies to ensure one thing: You find your niche here, wherever you roam.


Localite was founded in 2023 by Cortland, a multifamily firm that strives to make a life of everyday delight for its residents. Cortland began to explore a lifestyle publication as one more avenue to engage with current residents and the local community by offering expert insights into the experiences, people, and places that make our cities feel like home. Alongside creative and editorial partner Tractorbeam, we cover fun, interesting, and important topics in a hyper-local way to enhance the lives of our readers.

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